A Good Web CMS is Smart Money


A Good Web CMS is Smart Money

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The Importance of a Good Content Management System

Most business owners understand that there is cost involved in developing a polished web design but they often lack understanding as to the importance of ensuring a good content management system at the start of the design process. Sure it’s easy to cut costs and save on the bottom line. Many unscrupulous web developers will look shiny and appealing selling low cost and a sleek portfolio presentation. However I hear horror stories often from clients who did not know the right questions to ask at the start and it cost them big money when they moved on. Understanding why a good content management system is important, will help you assess the costs vs. needs and most likely save you a lot in time, aggravation, and most importantly money over the long haul.

What is a Content Management System?

The term CMS, among more savvy entrepreneurs, has become a sort of overused buzz word. Quite often it’s the first question asked of my staff when approached about web design. But for newer, less computer literate business owners, the term means little more than, sounds great you handle it. But for our purposes today and to discuss the importance of CMS as a cost saving tool, you need to know at least the general definition. CMS Defined… CMS is an acronym for Content Management System. The definition of a CMS is a web application that provides users—especially important here is that you will have the ability to use and control—to manage all or some of the files, data information, and/or ecommerce info on a site. The user is you and additionally whoever you designate as having permission to manage content. Essentially all of the content that will be loaded onto your site to create your business/brand design is part of the CMS. This management can include but is not limited to writing, editing, storing in an archive database, publishing, distributing, sales completion/ecommerce, and more. It is ALL part of the entire content on your site of which you will have access to through your CMS. Further there are different CMS type applications. Your web developer should know all of them and be able to work in all or most of the most popular ones in addition to recommending the best for your needs. You may have heard of Drupal, Joomla or the most common one, WordPress. These are all content management systems.

Is A Good CMS Cost Effective? YES!

Here is why you must hire a developer who can recommend the best CMS for your design and who grants you ultimate ownership of your site. If you are a business owner who does heavy sales as opposed to a political talking head site who loads tons of articles like a Huffington Post for example, one CMS might work better over another. And if your web developer does not know this at the start, you could end up spending a lot more money later in a site redesign. A recent article on B2C asks the question, Which CMS Platform is Right for My Website? WordPress, Drupal or Joomla? Why do they pose the question, why is it so important to business? Well you may need a very complex design which would require a more complex CMS for the needs of your business or you may need a more simple CMS like WordPress. According to the article and I concur, the three most popular are Joomla, WordPress and Drupal. And says the piece: If you’re a business looking to start a new website, then you’re probably considering which content management system (CMS) is right for your business. There are three popular CMS platforms used on the Internet today… Although these platforms differ substantially they do have a few similarities in common. So why does this matter if your web developer is in charge of the design? Well what if you leave – don’t you want to be able to manage your files and content? What if you need to transfer all of the content to another host/designer. After all most reputable web developers allow you to own your site. And this leads us to the last question…

How is a good CMS cost effective?

How is a good CMS cost effective? The answer: If you don’t know the right questions to ask regarding the CMS and/or your web developer has some proprietary CMS unique to their company (which may mean you do not own the site ultimately), what happens when you decide to move to a different web designer and you need to transfer the files? Will it cost you more if the CMS files are not easily transferred or if they are antiquated? Will you even be able to take the content with you? Recently, I encountered a client who spent a fortune on a proprietary, “super secure” web site with a wholly unique CMS. But when she was unhappy ultimately, and had to move – #1 she owned none of the content and #2 every developer said these dreaded words to her, “This is going to cost you much more because…” Choose beautiful web design absolutely, but also make sure you have a good Content Management System to accompany the slick design. Be smart with your money, your brand and your time. WebBased.com is your one stop shop solution for complex web design and every CMS fit specifically to your business needs. Contact the web experts at Webbased today for a consultation.

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