5 Ways to Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate


5 Ways to Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate

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Website conversion rate is the percentage of total visitors who take some business enhancing actions out of the total visitors. The higher the conversion, the better is the sales generated by the website. No matter what the marketing campaigns one might have for improving their online visibility, there are some innovative yet simple ways in which a small business can improve its website conversion ratio. Here we bring to you a few of them:

1. Narrow down your target audience – Not knowing who you are selling your products or services to can be the biggest folly on the online space. You need to determine what audience profile will be best suited to bring a higher degree of conversion. An incorrectly targeted visitor will visit your site but will not stay there for more than a minute or two before moving on. Thus narrowing down to the most profitable demographics is a good way to maximize conversions.

2. Landing page – A good landing page that ends with a definite call to action has better chances of acceptance by visitors and provides a positive user experience overall. Clean navigation, relevant content and accurate data are the keys of designing a powerful landing page. Imagine if you are searching for nearest emergency centers and you get a site offering package holiday deals? This will result in an extremely negative user experience.

3. Honesty goes a long way – Keep all information and content transparent and truthful. If an ecommerce visitor selects a product after thorough look around, adds it to cart, proceeds to checkout, and then finds out that the item is not in stock, it will result in a disappointed customer who would be lost forever to competition. The same goes for the prices put on display. If a $100 worth of product is charged a further $50 for shipping at the end of checkout process, the customer will be agitated for not being shown this information at time of browsing through the products.

4. Contact channels – Keep multiple contact options available to the visitors. E-mail, phone number, contact submission, online support, social media integration all go a long way in building a stable perception of your company in the mind of the visitor. Make it easy for customers to contact you back when they visit a site. Keep ‘contact us’ in a text color, font style separate from the rest of the content so that it doesn’t get lost in site navigation.

5. Your quality differentiator – Finally, the most important tip. Know why customers should buy from you and not your competitors. Having a credible differentiator for your business can go a long way in making your site memorable and thereby increase the chances of sales closure. Competitive price points, family run enterprise, handmade products, exclusive availability of the product, free shipping, and 24×7 customer support are some of the USPs that can help turn the tide in your favor.

Business owners that place a premium on the conversion rate will be certain to benefit hugely from these smart tips to enhance their online sales.

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